Students learned the rudiments of acting and stage craft, performing scenes and monologues from their own and others' plays.

Student performances included:

The Class of Nothing: Monologues based on Class of 2000 Inquiry project

Scenes from The House of Ramon Iglesia

Scenes from PYPF plays

Final in-class monologues

Staged readings of students’ plays, “Split Open” on the second stage.

In Class Activities which promoted dialogue and encouraged student engagement:

1) silent conversation
2) reflective conversation
3) collaborative scene writing
4) What I know, what I can imagine…
5) Moments that changed my life, moments that changed the world
6) writing on your feet ( improv)
7) text rendering
8) reader’s theater
9) Quaker Meeting
10) Collective recollection activity
11) Theater games designed to improve movement, speech, interaction, character creation and team building

Issues which emerged as inciting scenes of dissonance:

1. authenticity of assessment
2. community/communities
3. identity/identities
4. difference/diversity
5. gender/feminism
6. political correctness
7. language
8. nature of knowing and knowledge