Students wrote scenes, monologues and plays individually and collectively which grew out of their experiences and class discussions.


Weekly journal responses to class discussions and readings
Journal Group responses ( third and fourth quarters)
Monologue assignments: The Class of 2000 Inquiry
Interact/PYPF monologue contest
Creating Characters from pictures

Writing plays: students engaged in a series of prewriting, writing and revision exercises designed to teach them how to write a full one act play.

Written assessments: mid-term- traditional essay about Miller’s essay Tragedy and the Common Man and the way it applied to the plays we read.
Essay based on the inquiry question: what does it mean to be the class of 2000, using the Class of Nothing monologues as a resource

Final “exam:” students wrote and performed an original monologue which related to issues or questions explored in this class
Final reflection on the class and self assessment