A Call to Assembly Reading Response Prompt

Before You Read

Read the excerpt from A Call to Assembly. Mark up the text in way you choose, including the use of highlighters and metacognitive marking.

After You Read:

Please respond to all of the activities and questions below on your own paper.

  1. First Response. Write down your thoughts, feelings, opinions, questions, or ideas after reading this excerpt. Be sure to formulate responses that demonstrate a clear and specific understanding of this particular text. Avoid generic comments such as: “ This is a good story.” or “This really caught my eye.”

Levels of Questions

  1. Compose two(2) Level One (Right There) Questions and three(3) Level Two (Think and Search) Questions about the text. Answer your own questions and support your answers with specific evidence or quotations from the text.
  2. Complete this Author and You Question: What would Willie Ruff say about….? Now,
    answer your own question.
  3. Write one or two Level Three (Global) Questions that are inspired by this text. Write an essay response to your best Global Question.
  4. Create a color drawing, sketch, or collage that captures a moment, scene, or symbolic representation of an idea of this piece. Be sure to write a description of your visual and an explanation of how it represents your ideas.