Contexts of my teaching and scholarship

Timothy Boerst

There are a wide variety of contexts that shaped the teaching and scholarship shared on this site. This link contains information describing the students, local community, professional community and levels of the educational system (school/district/state/ national) in which my work is grounded.

The children I teach
Here are some of the students that I taught this year. They appear here on the cover on NCTM's journal "Teaching Children Mathematics."

My school (pdf)
This 2001-2002 annual report will give you a cursory sense of Jane Addams Elementary school.

My school district
The is the broad set of goals that guide the South Redford Public Schools.

The school community
Here is a simple description of Redford, MI.

Click on this map of Redford, which is just on the west side of Detroit. You can compare it to other communities in the county by clicking on them.

The state/national context of my work
The massive impact of recent national and state initiatives upon local educational work require that we understand teaching in relation to its larger contexts.

The professionals with whom I learn
This is a brief description of Teacher Reflection Group (TRG) taken from my dissertation.